Brock Kryton Portrait

Brock Kryton Principal

Brock Kryton is a commercial photographer, visual communications designer and thought leader.

Michael Kryton Creative Director

Michael Kryton Creative Director

Michael Kryton is an international award winning writer, producer and director.

In 1979, Michael began his career as a writer-producer with the OK Radio Group in Northern Alberta. In 1984, he accepted the position as Creative Director at CISN FM Radio in Edmonton, working with the legendary Canadian radio personality, Bob McCord. Within 2 years, Michael was one of the first in the Canadian radio industry to wear two hats simultaneously as both Creative Director and Production Manager, and the first Alberta radio writer-producer to win a Gold Medal in New York for his radio commercials.

In 1988, a chance encounter with a growing consumer electronics chain (originally Krazy Krazy’s) led to a contract as a national, television spokesperson for Multitech Warehouse Direct. Subsequently, in 4 years, he became a household face in Canada and famous for his notorious antics on camera, doing everything from performing hard-sell commercials while playing rock ‘n roll piano and guitar, to the execution of twists of reality that became the stuff of discussion for media pundits across the country. He eventually became Director Of Communications for the 54-store chain.

In that same year, Michael and Holly achieved the first of their greatest achievements with the birth of their first son, Brock!

By 1996, Michael had established his own media studio and expanded his work to include corporate videos, music and jingle production, radio features and television production. He was the first producer in Alberta to create an infomercial entertainment program with Chuck Chandler, one of the original booth announcers for Monty Hall, and his long time friend and creative associate, Keith James, better known as “Mr. Voice”, and currently an imaging voice, narrator and commercial announcer in high demand internationally (

In 2001, Michael accepted an invitation to join “The Idea Factory” as Creative Director of the Alberta based, independent television production company. Within the first year, he had penned his first major documentary, a Life and Times for CBC Television on Jean Pare, the best selling Canadian author of the Company’s Coming book series.

By this point, Brock was developing a passion for design, photography, and video production which he found embedded in the culture of his favourite pass-time, skateboarding! Starting high school in 2003, Brock studied communication technologies and found his affinity for graphic design, film photography, and video production. He became the first high school freshman to win the McBain Camera Graphic Arts Awards for Proficiency in Graphic Arts, usually awarded to graduating students. In 2004, Brock took home a Bronze medal in the Video Production category at the Alberta Skills Competition for the Trades and Technologies.

In 2005, the OK Radio Group approached Michael to head up a unique project, supplying Sonic FM, a new radio startup, with out-sourced commercial production for all retail clients. By the end of the year, he had won Best Radio Campaign and Best of Show as the overall winning advertising campaign (regardless of medium) in Edmonton at the ACE Awards.

In 2007, entrepreneur Clarence Shields asked him to write the 3rd book, “The Father’s Guide to Surviving With Kids”, in the national best-selling Bachelors Guide series, which has collectively sold over 300,000 copies.

At 19, Brock, launched a photography business and began photographing Western and English equestrian events across Western Canada. A year later, he was asked to be the official photographer for the national event for Trail Riding and Endurance Riding in Sundre, Alberta in 2008. In that same year, Brock enrolled in post-secondary education at Grant MacEwan University, studying Design with a major in Photography.

In 2009, Michael joined AXE Productions (now Production World) as Creative Director.

In 2011, Michael accepted a contract with Trixstar Productions to write and direct “How Time Flies: An Evening With WIlliam Shatner” – Canadian Tour 2011.

Brock graduated with distinction from the Design Studies Program at MacEwan and made it onto the prestigious Dean’s list. Brock relocated to Australia to serve a mission for his Church while maintaining the aspirations to start his own creative agency within 5 years.

In 2013, Michael was tapped by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce as Executive Producer for the tribute to outgoing Mayor Stephen Mandel, and subsequently, Michael was recruited as Executive Producer by the Rotary Club of Edmonton to produce the Rotary Roast for Stephen and Lynn Mandel.  From 1999 to 2015, Michael served as lead creative for the Edmonton Chamber Ball. Part of his responsibilities included the production of all the tribute videos for the Northern Lights Award of distinction recipients including Stan Milner, Tommy Banks, John and Barbara Poole, Sandy Mactaggart (Maclab) and many more.

Meanwhile, MacEwan University invited Brock to teach sessional photography classes. Over the past 5 years, he has taught a variety of classes in Portrait Photography, Contemporary Lifestyle Photography, iPhone Photography, and Special Event Photography.

In 2015, Michael signed a publishing deal with Gildan Media New York. He is represented by his literary agent, Dan Strutzel (Inspire Productions, Chicago). He continued to write, produce, direct and voice various campaigns in radio and television.

After returning home from Australia, Brock accepted a position at a local online marketing agency, moving quickly from content writer to lead web designer, then to project/account manager, and finally becoming operations manager. After a couple of years of great work experience, Brock went independent to pursue his own endeavours in photography, video production, and graphic design. 

Meanwhile, Michael accepted a contract with Cashco Financial and was part of the team executing communications when Cashco and ATB formed a historic relationship within the sub-prime finance sector.

In 2018, Brock formed Kryton Creative, taking the name of the company that was first established by his Father in the late 80s. He asked his Father to join him.


Wrote, directed and produced thousands of radio and television commercials, over 50 hours of corporate videos, radio features and documentaries.

Assisted the Ghermezians (owners of West Edmonton Mall) with visual creative strategies in their successful Mall of America litigation.

Assisted inventor Tory Weber to secure Wayne Gretzky’s investment participation in the Thermablade (heated skate blade) project.

Co-produced and distributed all radio campaign material for Alberta Premier Klein’s first election campaign.

A promotional video for Alberta Energy was of such a high level of impact, that it was used by Alberta Premier Ralph Klein in a presentation to US Vice President Cheney.

Co-scripted and directed William Shatner’s live Canadian tour “How time Flies” in 2011.

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